An illuminating update to this solar SaaS platform.

Solar Analytics are a brilliant group of scientists and engineers, but lacked the know-how to make their core digital product a customer-first experience, which is where we came in.

We wanted Solar Analytics to be THE leading solar energy management SaaS platform in Australia, and they were competing in an industry that was, quite literally, heating up 🔥🌞🔥.

We needed to offer a best-in-class responsive web experience that provided the exact information users needed at the top level, then gave them deeper and deeper insights on their energy usage the more time they spent with the product.

“It’s an exciting time here as we work with Emdash to transform our consumer platform into a fully customer-led experience. They have been instrumental in this paradigm shift for our product.” – Lisa Beeren PhD, Head of Product

The story


Their core product offering had been in-market for several years already, but their market share was stagnating in the face of stiff competition.

We planned with them to perform a full audit across their entire suite, including their business model and commercial strategy.


After an initial product assessment, we began speaking with existing and potential end-users to create a feature roadmap that started to answer their customer needs.


We realised that their focus had incorrectly been on retailers who sold the platform on their behalf and not the customers who actually paid for it.

Defining their 2 primary customer archetypes, we had to cater for the new users without alienating the power users.


Once the problem had been diagnosed, we completely overhauled the platform & IA to show the valuable data provided to users, but carefully choosing the time and manner in which we presented it so they were able to do something useful with it.

Insights engine

1. 216% increase in time spent on the platform

2. 146% increase in daily user engagement

3. 19% increase in the NPS score, from 6.84 to 8.76


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The sweet stuff

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