Embracing inclusion with Newness

Newness was founded by 2 ex-Twitch employees and fully funded by the VC giant Sequoia.

Their mission was to democratise beauty advice for every body, gender, race and ethnicity.

This live-streaming platform aimed to encourage, support and foster a community that embraced diversity and inclusivity.


The platform was nothing without its creators, for they were the ones producing content for viewers to engage with.

The story


It was critical for success to make as seamless an onboarding experience as possible for all new creators, whether they were seasoned pros at livestreaming or absolute beginners.

Pressure was also being applied by investors to have a presence in the app store to corner the viewer market and make it more accessible.


We began by mapping the existing onboarding experience and highlighting points of opportunity or obvious gaps.

We also began thinking about the best way we could surface and promote content on an iOS app solely for viewers.


As the commercial model for the platform was still being figured out, the reasons for creators to join the new platform presented a challenge to articulate clearly.

We decided to incentivise actions a new user could perform to earn more crystals, the platform’s pseudo-currency, that could be converted into prizes to ensure as much stickiness as possible.


Iteration after iteration went into the wireframes, passing them through the ‘Totally Testers’ group for feedback to ensure we were hitting all the right notes. This group was made up of early adopters to the platform - they were high-volume creators each with their own strong following and celebrated by the community.

Insights engine

1. New users who ran a livestream in the first 5 days were 3x more likely to continue using the platform and creating content.

2. Fortnightly sessions ran with the 25 members of the 'Totally Testers' group.


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The sweet stuff

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