It’s time to shine for Solar Analytics’ new site.

We were thrilled to be chosen as the Product Design Partner for Solar Analytics ☀️🙌☀.️ With the downright critical work they do for their customers and the planet 🌏 at large, we were proud to work with them to elevate their digital product experience and lift them heads and shoulders above their competitors.

But before we embarked on the product design journey, we began by re-designing their website to make sure their customers were getting the information they needed, and ultimately to drive commercial sales.

“Thanks to Emdash’s vision, their expertise in all things research and product-process related and of course their beautiful designs, our product is in a very different position to where it was earlier this year.” – Lisa Beeren PhD, Head of Product

The story


After we started the year giving Solar Analytics a face lift with a refreshed brand, we looked to aligning their website with the new look and feel, getting their messaging on-point and on-brand, and vastly improving the customer flows throughout the site.


We ran workshops with the executive product and sales teams for:
• Key customer messaging
• New IA and customer flows

We spoke with customers to understand their primary, secondary and tertiary intents when engaging with the site.


We devised a new content structure and suggested content types, but were aware there was a deficit of new, fresh and relevant content available.

As with any major change to an existing website, we needed to have a solid migration strategy to ensure there was no dropoff in traffic.


The fresh new look firmly placed Solar Analytics as a tech platform at the forefront of the industry in the eyes of consumers.

Relevant information was now more accessible and enquiries of any kind were encouraged and made easier to do for both retailers and consumers.

Insights engine

1. 326.7% increase in consumer leads

2. 180% increase in consumer leads

3. 311.3% increase in newsletter subscriptions


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The sweet stuff

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